Saturday, July 24, 2010

Custom Water Bottles

Ian and I are really working hard at saving money. It's not easy but I really like knowing that the more I save the more freedom we can get by worrying less and less about savings, etc.

I LOVE to play hostess. It's easily one of my favorite things to do and it can get expensive throwing a party. We are hosting a revolving dinner party for several candidates running in the primary election in August. It's very simple and casual but I wanted to do something cute to add along with the decor. We have 'dessert' so I used some old scrapbook paper to cut out circles to line the plates for cookies and two-bite cakes and decided to use the rest of the color matches to create custom water bottles! It's very inexpensive and can really add a great pop of color to any table.

We bought 28 waters at Costco for $3.49...oh how I love Costco. It doesn't really matter what the bottles say but the Kirkland Signature theme didn't really go with my look I was trying to achieve.

See? Very average looking.

First I gathered my supplies...water bottles, scissors, glue stick, scrapbook paper, and scrapbook paper cutter.

Next I removed all the labels from the bottles and measured the space that the original label took. I cut my paper into strips that width.

From there, I put glue on the edges and wrapped it around the bottles.
Finally, all that was left was arranging them on the tray that I put on our dining room table!
It was a super easy and quick option to match the theme and since I already had the paper, the only money spent was purchasing the water bottles!

I'll post more pictures after the event is set up tomorrow!

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