Sunday, February 28, 2010

Home Decor- Part 2

The other painting project that I started has been ongoing for a little over 2 months now.  I bought an adorable little nightstand type piece at Goodwill for $10.

I really liked the height and the fact that it had a small drawer on it.  It was an odd off-white dirty color so I repainted it a pale pink.  It looked terrible, so I then repainted it a royal blue.  TERRIBLE.

At that point I'd given up until I read that the Ralph Lauren paint collection at Home Depot was going to be discontinued to make way for the Martha Stewart collection (have you seen her colors at Lowe's??  AMAZING!)  Ian and I went to Home Depot on Saturday and I found that my local store had already cleared out the RL colors and MS was in.  I had seen a color that I really wanted called Golden Candlesticks and I kind of panicked that it wouldn't be there anymore.  Luckily, the metallic series will still be stocked so you can get those forever.  The rest of the colors will have the formulas but not the actual paint anymore so you'll have to use a Glidden or Behr's or another brand that Home Depot carries.  But I digress.

 I painted this little beauty and  I LOVE the gold color!  I didn't use any techniques on it so it's just the standard paint job but I think that this piece will find a lovely new home in our basement living room!

Here it is in our garage but once I have it in it's new location I'll post a picture of what it looks like!

Home Decor- Part 1

Shortly before our wedding in September I went to TJ Maxx Home Goods and decided I needed some new stuff.  I bought a ton of stuff and spent well under $100 but that's an entirely different story.  If you've never been to a Home Goods you are SO missing out!

One of the things that I scored on was an adorable little black iron stool/table thing for $15.  It sat in our entryway and held a vase of flowers until my lovely new coatrack took its place.  When that happened I decided I wanted to paint it and put it somewhere else where it would get more use.  I first picked an orange color that Ian HATED.  He thought it looked like a road sign (in all seriousness, the paint I bought WAS fluorescent orange.  Think HUNTING).  I went to Home Depot with Ian on Saturday and I spent some time perusing the paint section where I found the perfect sagey green color that Ian had wanted for the table.  A couple coats and this bad boy is transformed!

Here it is drying outside but I'll post another picture soon with it's permanent location!  The best part about that paint color is since I bought the large size I can use it on another small project!