Sunday, January 31, 2010

DIY Home Decor

One of the wonderful things about buying a home is you can decorate it however you want.  It doesn't matter what you nail into the walls or paint because it's all yours.  The weekend that we closed, Ian and I painted every room in our house except one.  We were so tired and sore after that it was insane!  We had spent the majority of our furniture budget on our house (because if you are familiar with our area it is not exactly budget friendly!) with the intention of filling it later.  Well it's been almost a year since we moved in and we are still exactly where we started!  We really like a unique furniture look, not the same mass produced Crate & Barrel pieces that you see in every home (even though our dining room is C&B).

Last weekend I went to Goodwill and scored on an amazing coat rack, candleholders, small dresser, table, and lamp for around $40.  I managed to sand down and paint the rack and the candleholders and I think that they turned out pretty well!

The candle on the left is titled, which I of course, fixed after I took the picture.  But these two $6 candleholders frame an amazing and expensive Kate Spade vase!  How's that for shabby chic!

The Rocketman

Well it's been quite some time since I've posted and oh so much has happened since!  We got married, I have a new job, and we have an adorable little puppy named Rocky.  He's a mini Aussie, which means he'll only get to be about 30-35 lbs and he is so adorable!  My mom and I drove up to South Dakota to get him only to get stuck and stranded in Wyoming!  I had no idea that there is so little up there and it's just vast openness!  So without further ado...  Rocky!