Saturday, June 27, 2009


Ian and I went to Chicago to visit my family and we had a great trip!  So great we only managed to take two pictures...but they turned out really good!

At the "beach" in Winnetka

The Bean at Millennium Park

Friday, June 26, 2009

Here's a Fun Fact: Denver Gets Tornados

As I type this I'm in my basement listening to the tornado sirens blare. I'm in DENVER. Not Joliet or Winnetka or Oklahoma...DENVER.

For those of you that are unaware, I grew up in Florida and while I have lived through many hurricanes (Andrew? Pshh..I was there) and loved that in Denver we got some thunderstorms, the ocassional thundersnow but other than that nothing too crazy. I really enjoyed it that way. We have heard the tornado sirens in Denver way more times than I care to count this season and quite frankly, I'm getting a little tired of trying to figure out where the water in my basement is coming from.

So until further notice I am sitting in my basement with Holly Golightly (my dog, not some crazy person claiming to be Audrey Hepburn) watching 9News loop footage of the weather.

Happy Friday indeed y'all.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Our House, in The Middle of The Street!!

Many people have asked for photos of the house so without further ado...

Front of the house

View from front entryway

Left side of Living Room

Right side of Living Room (complete with Holly)

Office/Spare bedroom

Dining Room

Kitchen/Breakfast Nook


Master Bedroom (again with Holly)

Master Bedroom


I didn't take pictures of the basement because for as little furniture as we have upstairs we have LESS downstairs! The house is a definite work in progress with updates needed in the kitchen, new bedroom furniture and new bedroom drapes. But it's all ours and we love it!!

Not So Great News

I have been released from working.  Pretty much a bummer but I do know that I will find something.  I've been sending out a million copies of my resume and I've had an interview with a staffing company as well as tapping into industries that I would consider working in.  Even with buying a house we were smart savers and still have enough to make it through 4 months of me not working before we tap into our real savings.  

With that being said, if you do know of a job, even part time let me know.  I will probably want it.  
Oh and one final thing:  this isn't an economy related lay-off.  It's a "my boss moved to Florida and there's no need for me since I'm in Denver" lay-off. 

Monday, June 15, 2009

Never Again

So we officially bought our house on Friday at 4 and set to working on it right away.

We had already decided that we were going to paint because, really, a brown bedroom and orange/red/coral dining room with attached avocado green kitchen didn't really work for us. Oh yes, and we also wanted to paint the whole basement.

Well here we are, two days later and incredibly sore. We managed to pain the dining room, bedroom, hallway and basement. We hired someone for the kitchen and bathroom after numerous breakdowns.

I'll post pictures of the finished product but even though I'm exhausted and still covered in paint after several showers I'm so glad to say that we did it (well most of it) and we were able to make our house feel more like ours. Now to moving in allllll of my stuff. Oh and Ian's too.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bleary Eyed and Bushy Tailed

I get to work at 6:30 in the morning. Pause for effect. I live with my mom (score!) and my room in her house used to be my brothers and I'm kind enough to let him claim it when he comes back. Unfortunately this means that I have to stay at Ian's house. Which stinks. Literally. 3 boys does not make a pretty house. So when I stay there I get up super early and go home to get ready before going to work.

I went home this morning and made coffee and went to the fridge to pack my lunch and realized I didn't have any more yogurt for breakfast. Not a problem, there's Special K in the pantry and soy milk in the fridge. I make my cereal, eat said cereal and rinse out my bowl. I open the dishwasher and put my spoon in. I open the fridge and place my bowl in. Closed the door and walked away and then realized what I did so I quickly turned and took out the bowl to put it in its rightful place in the dishwasher.


Maybe I should have more coffee before breakfast.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Do You Have A Sewing Machine? Tell Me About It!

After much consideration I'm going to get a sewing machine. I love to sew and I'm not going to be making a ton of stuff here but I'd like to get one that will be able to go through towels (for when I sew on my decorative edging, obvi) and perhaps programmable with an option for doing monograms. This of course for adorable onesies and grocery bags and anything else I can get my hands on. And of course, hemming items because I'm short. What do you have? Do you like it?

We Bought A House!

I've never spent that much money on anything. Seriously. Not even my wedding Manolo Blahnik's that were 4 digits. And then two decimals. But I digress. We bought a house and we close on Friday. We're painting and making it ab fab before we move in on the 18th. Even though it's basically final I don't want to get too excited until Friday at 4 when we have our closing and we can take on more debt than we ever thought. YAY!